PickMeApp is a personalized, flexible and smart mobility solution for kids and elderly people, but suitable for everyone

How much time relatives and parents spend to accompany kids in carrying out their activities, and how many times elderly people are forced to ask for help to move freely around the city?

PickMeApp offers a solution

Using a wearable tracking device, a mobile app and an ecological vehicle, PickMeApp drives kids and seniors – in place of their parents and relatives – safely, at an affordable cost and ensuring tracking in real time.

But anyone can use PickMeApp for moving throughout a city: PickMeApp perfectly responds to smart cities’ needs, offering a collective, smart and sustainable mobility solution.


  • Download the app PickMeApp Mobility
  • Register with your email or your Facebook account
  • Add your guests if you want to use PickMeApp for them too
  • Create a route for you or your loved ones by selecting the day, time, place of departure and place of arrival
  • Our qualified drivers will come to take you and your loved ones at the given place and hour and will accompany you wherever you want.

The innovative elements of this solution are: transport door to door (transfer service point to point, without default stops and times); online booking (inserting via App date, time, point of pick up and drop off); online payments (with Credit Card and Prepaid Cards); users’ tracking (thanks to RFID devices that make PickMeApp safe, reassuring and comparable to family accompaniment); optimized routes (ensuring service’s quality, punctuality and efficiency).

Due to the features of this service, we deem there are no limits to the scalability and replicability of PickMeApp: it could be adopted in other urban contexts with an innovative commercial affiliation model, whether national or international and regardless of locations or local legislation. PickMeApp is an economic and social high-value-added solution and represents a real transport revolution in urban areas.